Ziel/Target - 2005

Exhibition with Sven Kalden at Capri, Berlin

zielenzielenzielen, Videoloop

Susanne Lorenz’s piece ziel/target (2005) features distorted versions of various types of target made out of black rubber granules.
She has been using this material, ordinarily used for surfacing outdoor sports fields, for several years now. She uses it not only in pieces referring explicitly to sport, but also in other contexts as a way of highlighting (potential) movement, change or transformation of traditionally rigid forms.
The original targets are barely recognizable, becoming free forms that recall landscape formations on the one hand and comic attributes on the other.
The piece is complemented by a film loop of collected target motifs (zielenzielzielen, 2005), and by a photograph showing two hands removing the central spot from a target (kein ziel/no target?, 2005).
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Installation View: rechts: ziel/target, 3-teilig, Gummigranulat, ca. 70 x 90, 120 x 120, 45 x 35 cm

kein ziel/no target, Fotoarbeit, 65 x 60 cm