Berg (Mountain) - 1998

Plasticine, Wood, Castors. 180x240x110 cm.
Exhibition, Galerie Koch und Kesslau

Berg is an enormous sculpture made of green plasticine which was exhibited at Galerie Koch & Kesslau in 1998 and the Kunstverein Münster in 1999. The silhouette of the green form rouses associations with sublime nature and landscape; however, any romantic wanderings are brought to an immediate halt by the synthetic quality of the material. What is more, one can alter one’s perspective on the piece: Not in that he changes his position, which would be customary, but rather in that, with effort, he can rotate the sculpture that sits upon two oval plates. The idiomatic wish - to be able to move mountains - becomes reality.”
(Katia Reich, im Katalog, Susanne Lorenz, Heute hier - Here today 2001)