Gartenstadt 1 und 2 (Garden City 1 and 2) - 2002

Contribution to “HICETNUNC” exhibition, Passariano
Steel, paint, gravel, artificial hedges. 4 x 350 x 350 cm each

The work refers to the history of the villa’s former baroque garden, which included two models of fortified cities as ornaments (it is not entirely certain whether these were wooden models or flat planted outlines).

Garden Cities 1 and 2 bring together the two components of the story in a single object: they combine the idea of a (baroque) garden with that of a fortified city.

The term garden city is to be taken literally here, standing in contrast to the historical idea of a garden city as it emerged in the 19th century. The original motivation was socialist and ecological, becoming watered down over time to a more aesthetic phenomenon.


Exhibition view. Burgfrieden found it´s place on the front terrace of the Villa Manin.