Selbstähnlich (Self-Similar) - 2010

Outdoor installation in Nero Park, Wiesbaden. Metal, acrylic, light bulb. Height: 3.20 m

The piece refers to a situation already existing in Nero Park: at a place where paths cross, three larger birch trees stand on one side and three smaller, younger birch trees on the other. On the side with the group of older trees stands a lamp.

The intervention consists of giving the younger birch trees a lamp, too. The new lamp resembles the existing one, but it adopts the “constitution" of the more slender trees.

As night falls, both lamps light up, the smaller one shining less brightly.

Intersection of paths in Nero Park with the three large birches and lamp on the right and the three more delicate birches and lamp on the left.
The intervention consists of adding the smaller lamp.

The smaller, more slender lamp with the three young birch trees.

The ensemble during the day.

The ensemble in the evening. The smaller lamp shines less brightly.