Laufbahn (Running Track / Career) - 2002

Solo Exhibition, Galerie Kunstpunkt Berlin

In her works Laufbahn (a play on words, meaning both ‘running track’ and ‘career’) and Teppich (Carpet), this contrived aspect of gardens is underlined by the materials (artificial hedges, rubber granulate, stone chips). Lorenz deliberately selects surfaces commonly used for outdoor sports facilities for her installations as a way of rendering visible the influences of hunting practice on garden design and sport. The apparently harmless system of paths in Teppich conceals a distorted target, while the hedge funnels in Laufbahn were used in Baroque boar hunts. In this context, the link between ornament and crime made by Adolf Loos in 1908 takes on a whole new meaning.
(Heike Catharina Müller)

Untitled (rug): rubber granules, gravel, 300 x 700 cm. In the background, Ornament, wall object: rubber granules
ca. 50 x 70 cm, and GO, curtain: plastic elements, 190 x 400 cm.

Untitled (rug). In the background, Schirm I & II (Screen I & II): wood, synthetic material.

Untitled (rug) at the previous exhibition “Above and Beyond 2”. In the background, wall drawing by Pauline Kraneis.